My name is Christian and i am a cologne based Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) and professional web developer since 1999 with strong focus on standards, performance optimization, web typography, accessibility and workflow automatization.

I am passionate about enhancing the user's experience by creating fast responding, accessible and responsive products that can be used by everyone—regardless of device and context.

During my jobs as a web developer at Plastikland, co-founder and partner at Flexcellence and UX Designer at Veritando i served a lot of clients such as Deutsche Telekom AG, Cornelsen Schulverlage, InterComponentWare AG, Gedore, Robbie Williams, Bewotec GmbH, WDR and a lot of agencies and companies.

I like working in different teams with different sizes and skillsets so i can improve my hollistic approach to development.
Furthermore i support teams by optimizing their workflows so that each team member can concentrate on their respective work.

I enjoy spare time with my beloved and growing family and in very rare cases i find contemplation in tying dry flies on 22 hooks bringing them to life upstream in northern scandinavia. Where there is no sunset…